Murals by Year > 2023: Chicago Musicians Past & Present

In 2022, the beloved "Movement and Stillness" mural painted by Peter Hurley and Scott Bullock in 2014 underwent a transformation, evolving into a vibrant testament to Chicago's rich musical heritage. Due to the inevitable wear and tear on the original mural caused by wall deterioration, select sections were reinforced to protect the structural integrity beneath the tracks.

The 2022 mural now proudly stands as a celebration of Chicago musicians, both past and present, paying homage to the 2014 theme of dance. Peter Hurley was enlisted to breathe life into this vivid tribute where he brought together an ensemble of legendary Chicago musicians, immortalizing their contributions to the city's cultural tapestry. The hope is that after the walls have been restored, we can further enrich the mural with additional artists.

The artists represented in this mural are; Gene “Duke Of Earl” Chandler, Jennifer Hudson, Fred Anderson, Sam Cooke, Chance The Rapper, Paul Butterfield, Anita O’Day, Patti Smith, Mavis Staples, Bo Diddley, Curtis Mayfield, “Mud” Morganfield, Da Brat, Ian Maksin, Liz Phair, Willie Dixon, Tomiko Dixon, Anne Harris, Benny Goodman, Ray Manzarek, John Prine, Howlin’ Wolf, Angel Melendez, Patricia Barber, Sumito “Ariyo” Ariyoshi, Demetria Taylor, Sir George Solti, Lorena Iniguez (Sones De Mexico) and Frankie Knuckles.

Peter Hurley is a true Contemporary Post-Impressionist. Known for his large-scale oil paintings and his mainstay murals of dancers, musicians, safaris and cityscapes, Peter has been painting for over 30 years. Chicago-based, his wide body of works can be seen in a myriad of places throughout Chicago and the nation and in private collections.