MILE OF MURALS : A Rogers Park Project

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We are thrilled to have selected six incredible Chicago artists to paint the 2016-- Ruben Aguirre, Cheri Charlton, Andrea Jablonski, Tyrue SLANG Jones, Anthony Lewellen, and Chris Silva, walls, all artists who have been finalists in prior years. Our 2016 project is a partnership with the Audubon Mural Project in New York City, whose mission is to identify and honor the hundreds of US birds threatened by climate change. Our walls, at the underpass of Greenleaf and Glenwood, pay homage to the dozens of regional birds whose fate will be impacted in the next 80 years. We are happy for the opportunity to dedicate our project to such a vital message, albeit a somber one.

ABOUT THE MILE OF MURALS: Mile of Murals is a community-based public art initiative in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago, located on the far north side of the city. Click HERE for the map of the area. The project began in 2007, with the intention to nurture, promote, and celebrate the arts-centered identity of Rogers Park. Over the last six years, the Mile of Murals has commissioned ten beautiful large-scale works, consisting of five block-long pieces, three viaducts, and one overpass: totaling of over 14,000 sq feet of painted walls. Our ten-year project goal is to paint a full mile of murals along the CTA Red Line track from Estes Avenue to Pratt Boulevard along the Glenwood Avenue train line. The project will result in 19 large-scale murals: ten block-long walls, seven viaduct walls, and two overpasses. New artists and themes are selected annually through a rigorous selection process juried by arts professionals and community leaders. Mile of Murals is proudly sponsored by the Rogers Park Business Alliance and the Clark/Morse/Glenwood Special Service Area (SSA#24).

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